2020AW Paris

2020AW Paris

F.O.B FACTORY has come to Paris for the first time to participate in an exhibition called MANWOMAN SHOW 2020AW.
Until last year, we had participated in the exhibition in Berlin, but this time we will be in Paris, the holy land of fashion.


Every time I come to Europe, I am overwhelmed by the historical buildings.
Of course, Japan’s old temples and shrines are wonderful, but perhaps it is because of the lack of earthquakes, but they are just so overwhelmingly large.
There are place names and buildings that appear in movies, and it is such a wonderful city that I would like to walk around slowly.


The people of Paris are also warm and welcoming.
No wonder it is a city I would love to visit.


If you have a chance, you should definitely visit, have an espresso on the open terrace of a café, and pretend to be a Parisian.

MANWOMAN SHOW 2020AWという展示会に出展する為、F.O.B FACTORYとしては初めてパリにやってきました。