F.O.B FACTORY G3 denim

F.O.B FACTORY G3 denim

▲At Toyota Museum in Nagoya, Japan


G-type loom developed by Toyoda Automatic Loom in 1924
It can supply weft yarns and weave without stopping.
It was a revolutionary loom at that time, and was exported to the world.
The G3 loom, the third generation of the G-type loom, is almost nonexistent in Japan or anywhere else in the world, and as far as I know, there are only about 10 G3 looms in existence.
We discovered that there were G3 looms that could weave denim and craftsmen who could operate G3 looms at a loom shop in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, and we set out to produce F.O.B FACTORY’s original G3 denim.


▲Left: Cotton production area / Right: COTTON USA certification


First, the most important part of the fabric is the raw cotton.
There are various cotton origins around the world, but our philosophy is that jeans are made in the U.S. Therefore, jeans made in other origins are considered to be of high quality, regardless of whether they are made of high quality or extra-long staple fibers (it is difficult to say, but the longer the fiber length, the higher the quality). ) However, it is not necessarily true that the cotton made in other production areas is of high quality, whether it is high quality or not, and whether it is extra-long cotton or not. We then asked ourselves, “What is the best way to use this type of yarn? We chose American cotton (U.S. cotton), and ordered “San Joaquin cotton,” which is one of the highest quality cotton in the United States.


▲Left: G3 power loom that wove F.O.B original G3DENIM
Right: The look of F.O.BFactory’s G3DENIM


Rope dyeing was done at a factory in Okayama, Japan, using pure indigo, dyed to a deep deep blue, and a satisfactory yarn was completed.
The reason why using G3 loom is so good is that it can weave with extremely low tension. The warp threads are adjusted with weights, and the weft threads are woven on a power loom, so of course shuttles are used to weave back and forth.
It is a very inefficient operation, but when weaving on this low-tension G3, an unevenness similar to that of hand-woven fabric appears.
The G3 is the only power loom that can express this unevenness and rough texture.



岡山県井原市の機屋にデニムを織れるG3織機とG3を操る事の出来る職人が存在することを発見した私達は、F.O.B FACTORYのオリジナルG3デニムを製作することに着手した。


▲左:米綿の生産地/右:COTTON USA 認証


またCOTTON USAの認証を取りこのデニムがアメリカコットンを100%使用した物である事を認定している。

▲左:F.O.B オリジナルG3DENIMを織ったG3力織機


ロープ染色は岡山の工場で、ピュアインディゴを使用し、深みのあるDEEP BLUEに染め